Bring outstanding products to life.

Great products are incredibly rare. They require insight, but more importantly teams who can negotiate vision, relationships, and priorities, every day. It’s exciting. And exhausting.

I’m here to help.

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Hi, I’m Dave. I’ve been building digital products for 25 years: at giants like Google, tiny startups I’ve co-founded, and everything in between. I’ve worn all the hats on a product-development team. And I’ve learned a lot about the techniques, processes, and relationships you’ll need to make great products happen. Learn more →


You’ve got questions.

  • Why aren’t we moving faster?
  • How can we improve product quality?
  • Why does the roadmap keep changing?
  • Who’s using our product, and why?
  • What do we do about all this tech debt?
  • What are the designers doing all day?
  • How can we improve usability?
  • Do we have product-market fit?

We’ll find answers, together.

  • Team & process assessment. I’ll interview your team, review project artifacts, and observe collaboration to assess what’s working and where there’s room for change.
  • Lean best practices. I’ll recommend techniques and frameworks to streamline teamwork without bloat.
  • Product strategy. We’ll figure out what to prioritize and ensure it’s rooted in an understanding of what your product does, and for whom.
  • Fractional leadership. Need something a bit more hands-on until you hire full-time product/design leadership? Or help hiring that leader? No problem.

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I’m available for engagements from a few days through several months, and always thrilled to chat. Drop me a line and we’ll take it from there!