From the Archives

Much of my older work is pretty dated at this point, but I look back on it fondly—there were some fascinating projects, and it's fun to see my design sensibilities and skills evolve.


Publisher Alley (2004)

A new product for an existing client, allowing academic publishers to visualize sales data. Terms like "rich internet application" and "Web 2.0" were just over the horizon, so it was an exciting time to push the envelope on more graphical, interactive web content. I didn't do the logo, but everything else—information architecture, interaction, visual design, and much of the front-end code—is mine.


ActiveMedia (2005)

A somewhat last-minute re-skin of a digital asset management system. Much of the code had already been written, constraining what was possible, but I was able to loosen the constraints a little bit by diving into the front-end JSP code myself. Apple had already popularized its glossy, hyper-realistic look & feel and this offered a chance to experiment with elements of that as well.


Sequoia (2004)

Email overload was already an issue in 2004. I decided to build a better enterprise email system by integrating an NLP / AI system to identify topics, and a multidimensional filtering UI.


Zirrus (2006)

I designed and built a web to-do app inspired by tag clouds. It seems like I need to create a productivity tool every few years.


Duover (2003)

I created a paid desktop app to sync files across two Macs (or two local folders), and maintained it for several years.


3D Modeling & Rendering

I've dabbled in photorealistic modeling and rendering over the years, primarily using Cinema 4D.