TechCrunch Redesign

2011: Product Manager, Design Wrangler, Front-End Engineer

I product-managed the 2011 redesign and rebrand of TechCrunch had hired an agency to design and build the the site; much of my role involved mediating between TechCrunch leadership and that agency.

Project goals: Ensure users see the right content; clean up information architecture and navigation; modernize the brand and look & feel; manage the launch of a high-profile site with an opinionated user base.

Metrics-wise, our goal was to double page views per visit—which we achieved.

Despite the PM role, my UX expertise was critical to the project success, as I was able to get far more hands-on with the agency in guiding the design process. And in the course of the project I did find occasion to evolve the agency mocks directly, as well as to dig in and do some UX work:


I also built this interactive logo game for the site header, which unfortunately didn't launch due to browser-compatibility issues: